How to Worship Meru Yantra?

How to Worship Meru Yantra?

Meru Yantra and Shree Yantra is the just a same thing. The only difference is 2D and 3D model. Meru Yantra is an extremely divine and auspicious yantra that attracts good luck and a lot of positivity. It pertains to the hegemony compared to that of a Shri Yantra. Are you constantly dealing with financial issues or other marital problems? If yes, Meru Yantra is the perfect key to solve all your issues. Ensuring a healthier and wealthier life is possible if you start worshipping this yantra.

The term ‘Meru’ arrives from the mountain Meru. Its origin is at the sacred mountain known as the epitome of spirituality. There is a belief in Indian Mythology that this mountain is a source of all positive energies. Investing in this yantra can attract radiation that could possess a good heart and mind.

Dynamics of the Meru Yantra

Have you ever seen the Meru yantra? It’s a three-dimensional yantra that owns the structure of a tortoise back with eight petals over it. These are the powers of Tripura Sundari and the Goddess Lakshmi, who replicate the givers of wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

This yantra holds some supernatural amalgamation of both gender powers. A belief suggests that it’s a combination of Shiva and Shakti, Purusha and Prakriti, and Lakshmi and Narayana.

Shree Yantra

Now let’s take a glance at some design details of the Meru Yantra:

– Bindu: Point

– Ashtakona: Wheel

– Trikona: Triangle

– Chaturdahkona: 8 Lotus group

– Stithi Chakra- Wheel of protection

– Shodash Dal Kamal: 16 Lotus Group

– Bhupur- First square

– Teen Vrit- 3 Circles

There are also other intricacies in the Meru Yantra, such as four gates leading to Riddhi-siddhi and sampoorna Srishti chakra.

People often lay the foundation of any building or property over the Meru Yantra to ensure prosperity and successful completion of it. At times, it is also placed in the cash locker rooms to boost wealth and monetary gains. Getting an energized Meru Yantra can render positive benefits, provided you seek its right placement and alignment.

Important materials for worshiping Meru Yantra include milk, water, incense, saffron, cloth, red flowers, sandal paste, coral mala, vermillion, and fruits.

How to Worship Meru Yantra?

Here is the process to follow for worshipping this magical yantra that can induce unlimited success, happiness, and growth in your life. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Place this yantra in the Puja room and sit by facing towards the east direction.
  • Cleanse the yantra with pure and clean water.
  • Now mix saffron in the milk and pour it over the yantra to start energizing it.
  • Rinse with clean water again.
  • Make use of a dry cloth to clean the yantra.
  • Offer vermillion and fresh sandal paste to the yantra.
  • Keep fresh flowers and fruits in front of the divine yantra.
  • Light incense and begin with prayer and mantras.
  • Use a coral chant mala to repeat the energizing mantra 108 times. Ensure that you use the right terms.

The mantra to energize Meru Yantra is:

 “Om, Shreeem Hreeem Shrreem Kamle Kamalaalaye Prasseed, Prasseed,

Shreem Hreem Shreeem Om Mahalaxmaaye Namaah”

Benefits of Keeping Meru Yantra

– Abundance and good health

– Fulfils all your wishes

– Enlightenment

– Removes all obstacles of life

– Grants Goddess power

– Purifies the surroundings

Above all, always buy Meru Yantra from a legit provider to ensure that you get authentic and energized yantra that brings back luck and happiness into your lives. Consult experts to know more about it!

Beads Rudraksha

15 Mukhi Rudraksha | 15 mukhi Rudraksha uses and its benefits

The 15 Mukhi Rudraksha marks the getaway to health and heart awareness. Rudraksha is always associated with spiritual progress and elevates the level of happiness in the life of people. It could take you off from worldly attachments that procure pain and grant you spiritual success.


15 Mukhi rudraksha originates from Lord Pashupatinath and gives freedom from Pasha (Bondages). It is widely used to make prayers in Hinduism and is especially found in Nepal and Indonesia. Rudra refers to shiva, and ‘aksha’ means eyes. It restores the power of his third eye wearing it can prove helpful lifelong and even at the time of salvation.

15 Mukhi Rudraksha

Physical and Spiritual Benefits of 15 Mukhi Rudraksha

–         Give tough combat to all adverse and unfavorable circumstances with the power of 15 Mukhi rudraksha.

–         It is very helpful in enhancing intuitive powers and also gives relief from all supernatural issues.

–         The 15 Mukhi rudraksha blesses the wearer with unlimited wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

–         All your suffering, pain, anger, and despair can go off with the power of divine rudraksha.

–         Relieve yourself from various bondages and promote unconditional happiness with this rudraksha.

–         It has miraculous healing properties that eradicate all the bad feelings, anger, jealousy, and hatred in people.

– Wearing the 15 Mukhi Rudraksha helps you focus on good thoughts, supports innovations, and helps you make positive actions in life.

–  It also holds some medicinal and curative value and helps treat headaches, heart problems, skin issues, and fever problems.

– Many astrologers also suggest to the pregnant women to remove all troubles during the child-birth and minimize the occurrence of miscarriages.

Where to Buy 15 Mukhi Rudraksha From?

The powerful bead can provide amazing benefits when combined with the Lord Shiva mantra, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Wearing it in the black thread with mala on the wrist or arms can bring in a lot of positivity. Energized beads with Jaap and pooja by the pandit can reap many profits for you.

Purchasing the 15 Mukhi rudraksha from a reputed online store of Java varieties can be immensely beneficial. Ask for the lab certification and authenticity of the beads. Get some free consultation or recommendation to find the best beads as per the birth chart of the buyer!


Self Certification Report by Yashvriddhi


Self Certified Gems and Rudraksha

Understanding of Rudraksha and Gemstone Certification Rudraksha and Gemstone

Certification means to evaluate or authenticate a bead of Rudraksha on the basis of Varity of parameters. Likewise Origin, Clarity, Shape, eliminations, Weight, Size, Species, and variety of specimen.
A gemologist (gem expert) has been appointed to precisely examine or measure the minor details of the specimen, and issue a detailed report the conclusion derived from the test on the subject.

This report is evident to as an instrument or authentication. A stone certification report incorporates all measures and tests conducted on a subject
by a gemologist to certify.

Significance of Gems and Rudraksha instrument

Due to large numbers of fake or unethical precious stones dealers dealing in simulants, fake or synthetic articles, speciman cerification is the most nesssory part of gemstones industry.

To stop the similar unethical practices, it’s always suggested to demand a stone testing report or authentication report, where the entire details of the test conducted for its identification are mentioned with the picture of the specimen and its internal addition is mentioned.

Hence, a testing
certification report discloses minor details about a gems. Therefore, a buyer who wants to buy a precious stones or Rudraksha should conclude for those dealers who offer Rudraksha and gemstones testing report along with this.

It’s extremely recommended to buy your Gemstones and Rudraksha from a shop that issues a self- certification compared to the dealer which issues any third-party certification.
Because the liability of any third party institute or gemologist is only limited to the amount charged by them for issuing the testing report; as well as at times, it’s hard to trace the third party location as seen in diverse problems.

Hence, it’s advised to buy a self-certified Rudraksha and gemstones because it’s being examined by a trained stone expert who’s also the dealer and completely responsible for the certificate issued. Have a sake of name of brand also concernd with.

Yashvriddhi deals in Self-certified Rudraksha and gemstones and the certificate is furnished with the picture of the speciman (Rudraksha and Gemstone and more) along with the picture of the inclusions detected on the speciman.

Sample Report

Self Certification Report by Yashvriddhi
Self Certification Report by Yashvriddhi
Crystal Healing Crystals

Tiger eye

Tiger eye, or the chatoyant gemstone, is carved out of metamorphic rocks and consists of silica crystals. It replicates the cat eyes look, and you can’t miss out on its intricate polish and detailed finesse. The unique sheen of the Tiger eye makes it a stone of prosperity and protects you from the evil eye.

The golden hue of this stone with brown stripes gives it a finish of a Tiger’s skin. It holds a distinct boldness and bright look associated with the planet sun or mars. Despite being an affordable stone, it has ample metaphysical and spiritual properties discussed below.

Advantages of Tiger Eye Stone

  • Regular wearing of this amazing gemstone helps in rendering you dignity and self-confidence.
  • The prominent stone is also associated with tolerance, patience, and other spiritual values.
  • Wearing this stone daily helps increase the level of joy and enhances the overall health of the individual.
  • It also attracts self-integration, courage, and eagerness to achieve more in life.
  • Regular wearing of this stone also attracts an abundance of energy and helps you connect with the inner self.
  • Its metaphysical properties include enhanced focus levels, insights into trivial situations, and mental clarity.
  • You can start using it to eliminate misfortune and bring prosperity to your life. It also helps deal with various physical problems like indigestion, weight issues, hypertension, and arthritis.

Where to Buy Tiger Eye Stone From?

Tiger eye stone is also very helpful in dealing with several allergic reactions and dermatitis. Regular cleansing of the stone retains its best properties, and its glass-like luster over it gives it a special appearance. Sunday is the ideal day to wear this stone after chanting ‘RAM’ 100 times.

Buy an original Tiger Eye stone if you want to fetch stability, courage, and confidence in life. Controlled mind senses and outstanding leadership qualities are a few other benefits of this stone!

Crystal Healing Crystals


Selenite is a crystalized gemstone made out of gypsum. It attracts mental clarity, eliminates ambiguity and helps people to resonate in every situation. The selenite stone attracts a lot of positive energy and is safe to use for anyone.

This crystal gemstone gets its name from a Greek term that indicates ‘Moon Glow’. Selenite comprises multiple cleansing agents that develop a positive vibe, thus removing all negative vibrations.

Selenite helps in balancing all the chakras and dispels negativity from the surrounding. It’s usable in multiple forms, such as Reiki healing, crystal grids or keep it as a home decoration item. Selenite has a soothing effect that instils harmony in the wearer’s life.

Advantages of Buying Selenite

–              As selenite is associated with the moon glow, it provides a shield of light that fosters peace and positive vibrations around you.

–              Using it for deep meditations provides ample benefits like offering you that angelic realm where you seek the path of enlightenment.

–              Mitigating multiple types of physical and emotional disruptions is possible when you use this crystal gemstone.

               Placing the selenite grid around your home helps secure a pleasant atmosphere and brings prosperity, happiness, and wealth.

–              Keep it in the office cabin or the jewellery case to attract more money and prosperity from the universe to your lives.

–              Selenite stone is also widely used in healing therapies and other oils to ease inflammation or pain.

–              This stone is also beneficial in activating the dormant power, and hence specialists use it for Vastu, Reiki, Feng Shui and other aura healings.

–              Selenite also acts as a shield against epileptic seizures, dental issues and other physical problems.

Where to Buy Selenite Crystal From?

Make selenite an evitable part of your daily routine and await the magical benefits you can avail of it. You can attract emotional stability and strengthen self-esteem by incorporating this stone as a part of your daily life. If you also wish to score high in the examination, wearing this stone could bring an abundance of benefits. Purchase it from a trusted gemstone vendor to witness the power of positivity!

Parad Pyramid

Parad Pyramid

Are you facing a vastu dosh? Do you constantly stay in despair due to negative occurrences in life? If yes, quickly purchase the Parad Pyramid to create an amicable atmosphere around you. It can keep aloof all the negative energies, and its best to keep it near your vehicle, study table, office table, living room, or bedroom.

Meditating in front of the Parad Pyramid helps enhance your concentration levels, which could also help give you massive academic success. This pyramid is made after multiple purification stages to remove all the dosha and attract cosmic favors.

Advantages of Buying Parad Pyramid

–         It is the heaviest metal that emits positive energies when energized properly.

–         Parad Pyramid can rectify all types of vastu defects and provide a peaceful surrounding.

–         This pyramid yantra leads to harmony, and its lasting effects can amplify your life miraculously.

–         Pressing the parad pyramid daily after taking a bath can remove all the negative energies and empower you with positivity.

–         If you are struggling to get rid of any court case or are amidst financial trouble, the parad pyramid could be of immense benefit.

–         If someone is critically ill at your place, place the parad pyramid in the north or northeast direction, and you can witness the changes.

–         For solving marital issues and securing a better personal life, keep this pyramid in the north and northwest directions.

–         The regular worshipping of this pyramid can help you in solving all digestive problems, getting a good education, preventing insomnia, and many other benefits.

Where to Buy Parad Pyramid From?

It is ideal to invest in an energized and 100% original Parad Pyramid that could show positive outcomes in a short period itself. This product is considered very auspicious and can lay divine benefits when purchased from authentic centers.

Ask for the certificate of authenticity to ensure that you are making the best purchasing decision to attract good luck and abundance at your place.

Parad Shivling

Parad Nandi

The aura of Parad Shivling, when accompanied by Parad Nandi, increases manifolds. Parad or mercury Nandi idol is considered a positive statue that attracts goodwill and positivity in the house. The people worship all types of Nandi statues, but the divine parad Nandi has impeccable benefits.

Nandi Bull is the vehicle of Lord Shiva, and he is also considered the messenger who directly takes your wishes to the almighty. Hence, people worship the Nandi idols as he guards the ultimate creator and destroyer of this earth!

Parad Nandi brings joy, peace, and happiness to your house, and his blessings can shower you with growth and prosperity in life. If you are eager to acquire stability, positive vibes, and strength, then parad Nandi is a divine way to do so.

Advantages of Buying Parad Nandi

Sneak down to know about them:

–         Parad Nandi idol brings happiness and stability to your house or office.

–         Keeping it along with parad shivling can double the power and benefits.

–         Nandi is a symbol of happiness, and it helps you eliminate all the bad energies from the house.

–         Couples dealing with personal relationship issues must worship Nandi to acquire ultimate peace.

–         Sprinkle some Gangajal on parad nandi to enhance the positive effect on your premises.

–         Daily worship of this statue can also have many cosmic benefits.

–         Empower yourself with fame, knowledge, happy life, and positivity with a parad nandi around you.

–         This is considered auspicious and also keeps diseases away from your place.

Where to Buy Parad Nandi?

 Parad is considered to be the purest metal as per Hindu Vedas. Thus, any divine idol created from it gets more power and is worth worshipping surely. Fulfilling the religious ways to install and worship the Paradh Nandi can bring many benefits.

Purchasing the mercury nandi with an authenticity certificate could assure that you have made an original purchase. If you do not have much idea about it, consult the specialist and bring home the divinity at its best!

Crystal Healing Crystals

Mother of pearl

Eager to explore the mystical benefits of mother of pearl? It is a divine shell that gives birth to the pristine pearls spreading their glitz till eternity. The mother of pearl refers to the oyster or the shell under which pearls survive. It is considered the symbol of peace according to astrology.

Are you facing some kind of anger, stress or dilemma in life? Then bring home the mother of pearl that could also help you to get lucky in future. It has several properties like attracting good luck and prosperity to your home.

Origin: It’s a universal belief that God has created a guardian for every newborn in the world, and there’s a womb to protect it inside. Oyster is the mother of pearls, and its magical properties include positive money flow and harmony in your house.

Advantages of Mother of Pearl

– Everything in this world has some vibrations that lay a negative or positive impact on individuals. The mother of pearls holds the power of the sea, and it renders harmony and a feeling of contentment to the individuals.

– As per the astrological belief, keeping the mother of pearls in your place eliminates all the negative energies and invites luck to your house or office.

– Ruling planet of the moon is pearl, and its shell helps in relieving stress from your mind. Stress is the biggest concern of people in a busy world, and this shell could add a calming effect to the place. You can use it in various forms such as trays, lamps and cake stands.

– It also helps in setting yourself free from all types of insecurities and fear. Clarity of thoughts and decision-making capabilities are other benefits fostered by the mother of pearls.

– Creative individuals usual keep this shell beside them as it triggers imaginative instincts.

– Mother of pearl also lays several health benefits like controlling blood pressure, enhancing vision, and curing injuries and is used in several therapies.

Where to Buy Mother of Pearls From?

It is inconvenient to wear mother of pearls owing to its big size; you can keep it at your home or office as a décor item. Only purchase from trusted sources which assure natural and genuine products that are verified by other buyers. Get it today to experience the ultimate tranquillity, peace and stress-free environment around you!

Crystal Healing Crystals

Lava Stone

Produced from the womb of Mother Earth, the original lava stone offers a lot of balance and positivity to the user. It has a multitude of energy inside it, and contrary to its physical properties, it helps keep you calm and focused. Lava stone has many other fascinating benefits listed below.

Lava rock is porous, and its origin is from the swirling, bubbling and moving hot lava. Since ancient times, the lava stone has been used to swipe off the negative energies from the home as its purity is at its epitome.

Many experts also suggest using lava stones to provide relief to muscle tension. Whether it’s about controlling your anger or lifting the mood, the existence of authentic lava stone around you enhances its power. It bears the charm of natural light that it inherits from fire, making it a perfect healing gemstone.

Advantages of Buying Lava Stones

– Lava stone is the purest amalgamation of earth and fire. Its raw energies inculcate emotional attachment and a sense of togetherness.

– Do you wish to acquire strength and power in your professional life? If yes, lava stone helps in physical embodiment and helps in providing you with the ability to make firm decisions.

– It falls under the category of healing gemstones and is known to calm down your impulses quickly. Wearing it in the form of a bracelet or necklace can shed off miraculous effects.

– Real lava stones can take you on a path of prosperity with their good effects and strengthen family bonding.

Where to Buy Lava Stone From?

Bring home the power of nature imbibed in the lava stone that can take away all hardships of your life and take off all the insecurities. Using this stone while praying, meditation, or performing some rituals energizes it and boosts its overall effects.