How to Worship Meru Yantra?

How to Worship Meru Yantra

How to Worship Meru Yantra? Meru Yantra and Shree Yantra is the just a same thing. The only difference is 2D and 3D model. Meru Yantra is an extremely divine and auspicious yantra that attracts good luck and a lot of positivity. It pertains to the hegemony compared to that of a Shri Yantra. Are you constantly dealing with financial issues or other marital problems? If yes, Meru Yantra is the perfect key to solve all your issues. Ensuring a healthier and wealthier life is possible if you start worshipping this yantra.

The term ‘Meru’ arrives from the mountain Meru. Its origin is at the sacred mountain known as the epitome of spirituality. There is a belief in Indian Mythology that this mountain is a source of all positive energies. Investing in this yantra can attract radiation that could possess a good heart and mind.

Dynamics of the Meru Yantra

Have you ever seen the Meru yantra? It’s a three-dimensional yantra that owns the structure of a tortoise back with eight petals over it. These are the powers of Tripura Sundari and the Goddess Lakshmi, who replicate the givers of wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

This yantra holds some supernatural amalgamation of both gender powers. A belief suggests that it’s a combination of Shiva and Shakti, Purusha and Prakriti, and Lakshmi and Narayana.

Shree Yantra

How to Worship Meru Yantra?

Now let’s take a glance at some design details of the Meru Yantra:

– Bindu: Point

– Ashtakona: Wheel

– Trikona: Triangle

– Chaturdahkona: 8 Lotus group

– Stithi Chakra- Wheel of protection

– Shodash Dal Kamal: 16 Lotus Group

– Bhupur- First square

– Teen Vrit- 3 Circles

There are also other intricacies in the Meru Yantra, such as four gates leading to Riddhi-siddhi and sampoorna Srishti chakra.

People often lay the foundation of any building or property over the Meru Yantra to ensure prosperity and successful completion of it. At times, it is also placed in the cash locker rooms to boost wealth and monetary gains. Getting an energized Meru Yantra can render positive benefits, provided you seek its right placement and alignment.

Important materials for worshiping Meru Yantra include milk, water, incense, saffron, cloth, red flowers, sandal paste, coral mala, vermillion, and fruits.

How to Worship?

Here is the process to follow for worshipping this magical yantra that can induce unlimited success, happiness, and growth in your life. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Place this yantra in the Puja room and sit by facing towards the east direction.
  • Cleanse the yantra with pure and clean water.
  • Now mix saffron in the milk and pour it over the yantra to start energizing it.
  • Rinse with clean water again.
  • Make use of a dry cloth to clean the yantra.
  • Offer vermillion and fresh sandal paste to the yantra.
  • Keep fresh flowers and fruits in front of the divine yantra.
  • Light incense and begin with prayer and mantras.
  • Use a coral chant mala to repeat the energizing mantra 108 times. Ensure that you use the right terms.

The mantra to energize Meru Yantra is:

 “Om, Shreeem Hreeem Shrreem Kamle Kamalaalaye Prasseed, Prasseed,

Shreem Hreem Shreeem Om Mahalaxmaaye Namaah”

How to Worship Meru Yantra?

Benefits of Keeping Meru Yantra

– Abundance and good health

– Fulfils all your wishes

– Enlightenment

– Removes all obstacles of life

– Grants Goddess power

– Purifies the surroundings

Above all, always buy Meru Yantra from a legit provider to ensure that you get authentic and energized yantra that brings back luck and happiness into your lives. Consult experts to know more about it!

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