Parad Nandi Ji


  • Parad Nandi is the most powerful and effective form of all the forms available of Lord Nandi, especially for getting his blessings.
  • When we talk about Nandi Bull, the first thought comes to our mind that he was the Vahan (Divine vehicle) of Lord Shiva.
  • In Sanskrit, the meaning of Nandi is “Happy”, ”joy” and “satisfaction”.
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Parad Shivling: All You Must Know – Before Buying It!

Parad Shivling is also a very auspicious and highly worshipped Shivling made of Mercury
(Liquid metal). The Shiv ling derives its name from the Mercury known as ‘Paraa’ in Hindi. It
can bring home stability and prosperity and bestow impeccable benefits on the person’s life
with this wondrous Shivling.
The Shiv ling made of Parad metal works as a strong shield for the devotees and has its
significance marked even in the ancient scriptures. Parad shivling portrays the epic and
formless avatar of Lord Shiva, and energizing it with Mantras of pandit can give an added
strength. Right placement of this shiv ling in the home can attract good luck, fortune and a
multitude of positive energy.

What are the Benefits of Parad Shivling?

Below are the indispensable benefits you can get with the Parad Shivlinga installation at
● Eliminates all the negative energy around
● Attracts prosperity and abundance
● Gives protection from all evil energies
● Grants good health and harmony in the family
● Provides success and recognition in the long run
● Parad shivling is also a blessing for married couples who desire to lead happy life.
● Seek combine the blessings of Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva to succeed in your life.


How to Find Out an Authentic Parad Shivling?

If you desire to get complete advantages of the Parad Shivling, getting a real one is important.
There are various means by which you can test its purity and authenticity to bring home
goodness and prosperity together.
The sacredness of parad shivling is also evident from the massive number of devotees
offering prayers at the famous parad shiva temple in Haridwar that has a huge shivling of
around 1100 kgs in weight. We got to know interesting facts from the Priests over there about
checking the authenticity of parad shivling. Below are the ways to check reality of this

First way to check authenticity of Parad Shivling is if you coat it with a silver or golden tint,
the shivling absorbs the colour of the metal. This means the embellishment or work on it
starts dissolving and mixes with the shivling completely.


Parad Can be pure as many time we wish too, but it also enhance the cost of this process.

Next way to test its originality is when you rub the parad Shivling, it shines even more while
you start getting rub with cloth with which you wipe it. Even in Hindu Granth, Vedas and Puranas, it is mentioned that Parad is the supreme universe element.

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