Natural Red Moonga Mala


  • Length : 27cm
  • Sizes Of Bead : 8mm
  • Colour : Red
  • Number Of Beads : 107+1
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Natural Red Moonga Mala –

Rice Bead Moonga Mala is very nice Mala.

Red Coral is the gemstone of planet mars, which is an auspicious planet.

Red Coral gemstone is not mined gemstone.

Wearing this gemstone carries energy, ambition, blood circulation, vitality and physical strength.

Natural Red Moonga Mala In Details –

Also wearing this stone protect oneself from enemies and evil spirit.

Other benefits of red coral gemstone is since we know that red coral gemstone represents the planet mars so

wearing this stone emphasize mars in one’s horoscope.

And reduce the malefic  effects of this  planet.

One can wear this stone with gold or copper ring to ensure benefits of this stone.

Red coral comes in many shapes such as Red Italian Coral, Round shape, Oval Shape etc.

Red Coral Stone Details –

What is used Of Moonga Stone?

The Red Coral Stone also known as Praval or Moonga is the Gemstone of Mars/ Mangal as per Indian Vedic


Which shape of Natural Red Moonga Mala is best?
Lakshmi Moonga, also known as Tikona Moonga, is said to be the best shape of the coral stone.
Who wears moonga?
Manglik dosh is caused due to this planet if this planet is placed at malefic position in someone’s birth chart.
So in order to get rid-off it astrologers suggest a person to wear red coral or moonga stone, Wearing this stone
remove all the obstacles from the way of an ascendant to get marry.
In which metal moonga should be worn?
Wearing a red coral or moonga gemstone of at least 7 carats is said to remove difficulties, purify the blood, avert

warfare and cure boils.

General Characteristics Of Mars (Mangal).

Who Can  Wear Red Coral Gemstone: Red coral or moonga gemstone is precious gemstone which can be worn by

ascendant of each sign to obtain the benefits of this stone.

But only after consulting an astrologer.

Besides this a person who is either suffering from Mangal Dosh or Dasha must wear this stone.

A person who is suffering from blood diseases or mind problems can wear this stone to cure these serious diseases.

Health Benefits of Red Coral or Moonga Stone: One of the best benefits of red coral stone or moonga stone is

its special healing energy which aids in curing many serious diseases such as blood related diseases, bone marrow,

mental diseases.

Red coral or moonga gemstone also ensures the strength of bone and wearing this stone merging with some other

stone can help in curing serious diseases like cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, etc.


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