Combination Of Citrine Selanite Tiger Eye Bracelet |Lab Certified


  • Citrine is a success stone
  • Improve your self confident
  • Psychic growth
  • Promote peace and calm
  • Provides clarity
  • Helps your access your intution
  •  Clear block energy
  • Improves your spiritual ability
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Combination Of Citrine, Selanite, Tiger Eye Bracelet

Selanite :

Selenite is a crystalized gemstone made out of gypsum. It attracts mental clarity, eliminates ambiguity and helps people to resonate in every situation. The selenite stone attracts a lot of positive energy and is safe to use for anyone.This crystal gemstone gets its name from a Greek term that indicates ‘Moon Glow’. Selenite comprises multiple cleansing agents that develop a positive vibe, thus removing all negative vibrations.

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A magnificent gemstone that’s unique and serves as an excellent value for money. Citrine stone is created from Quartz, a natural element available on earth. It’s associated with ‘Citron’, which means ‘Lemon’. For bringing back the power of good fortune and positivity in life, wearing a citrine gemstone is immensely important. It can discard all the evil thoughts and bring back prosperity in your life.

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Tiger eye : 

Tiger eye, or the chatoyant gemstone, is carved out of metamorphic rocks and consists of silica crystals. It replicates the cat eyes look, and you can’t miss out on its intricate polish and detailed finesse. The unique sheen of the Tiger eye makes it a stone of prosperity and protects you from the evil eye.

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